Seven best Reasons to use Marketing Automation

With regular technological advances today, it is inevitable to avoid the uprising inclusion of technology in all aspects of life. Whether in the corporate world or in personal life, digital technologies have become a part of everyone’s daily activities. With the primary objective of reducing human effort, digital technologies have transformed several manual activities into automated ones. This automation technology holds immense potential and can be an essential tool in improving efficiency and productivity. Therefore, most businesses have become more interested in having such practices in their workplace. One such automated process that is now widely available and high in demand is Marketing Automation. 

With a surge in internet users and social media presence, most businesses have seized the opportunity and moved a large fraction of their marketing operations online. However, successfully managing this comprehensive platform can be tricky, and that is where Marketing Automation plays a vital role. 

Marketing automation refers to innovation or technology that aids in or completely oversees promoting processes and multifunctional campaigns across different channels. For example, these channels could be email chains, Instagram stories, Facebook posts, and many more.

This means that these automated processes can help reach out to customers by automatically sending messages across multiple platforms, such as email, social media, and other networking platforms, as per scheduled on the workflow. Workflow is a set of instructions put together by the user to draw out their desired flow of processes according to which messages are sent. These workflow patterns can be drawn out from scratch, or a ready-made template can be used and edited if required. How the flow is drawn out depends on the user’s requirements to achieve the desired result. An appropriate workflow can aid in more satisfactory marketing automation results, increasing revenue and maximized Efficiency, which is sought after by the marketing and sales departments.

When computerization is utilized effectively to deal with tedious tasks, workers are also allowed to handle higher-request issues, and the amount of human error is diminished.

Salesforce says, “Marketing automation helps with lead generation, nurturing, scoring, and measuring overall ROI on campaigns. The time and cost-saving effects of automation increase as an organization grow in size and complexity. Good marketing automation systems are designed to scale alongside your business.” 

To simply put together what marketing automation does, marketing automation is a set of tools that lets you conduct multiple promotional tactics without the need for manual involvement every time for every initiative or creation to avoid having to carry out the time-consuming tasks and increase Efficiency. From automating the lead qualification process to creating a hub for digital campaign creation, automation is all about simplifying a business world that is growing far too complex and quickly. Here are the seven best reasons to use Marketing Automation to understand how automation can be an outstanding tool. 

1. Enhancing customer experience

Marketing automation provides a vital advantage in offering clients a superior experience. By the usage of behaviorally triggered emails, profoundly fitted campaigns are shipped off to clients automatically when they do specific things without having to manually analyze behavior and send messages accordingly. This helps keep customers in the loop and your business relevant. The actions can include signing up for emails, surfing for specific items, or leaving things in their cart. Along with more personalized functions, marketing automation enables you to create a highly personalized customer experience to keep them interested and invested, helping you make more money. According to Econsultancy, 93 percent of companies see an uplift in conversion rates from personalization.

2. Working on Scale

A great plus point that marketing automation brings about is the large scale and scope of marketing campaigns. Since processes are now automated and do not need to be created and sent manually one by one, it is much easier to reach a larger audience with low effort. This is because your marketing activities are not limited to the size of your marketing team due to the lack of manual work. You can make a far-reaching series of campaigns to help grow revenue at each phase of the purchasing cycle.

This also helps you scale your business, as expansion is uncomplicated due to the established presence and reach. Marketing automation will assist you with making scalable processes. The more manual a function is and the more it relies upon one individual, the harder it will be to scale when the team develops.

3. Maximising Efficiency

Your team is now made more accountable due to the reporting function available in marketing automation. As reports are automatically created, it is more comprehensive and easier to go through quickly. Through these reports, you can also see the effects on the sales funnel due to marketing activities, allowing you to locate areas for improvement. 

This makes your marketing initiatives more efficient and your team efficient as they focus more on strategic thinking and problem-solving tactics. Additionally, working in an automation platform will make your team’s tasks easier as it allows for multitasking by accessing a series of platforms on a single software. Ultimately, this saves your team time when you are creating campaigns.

4. Return on investment in employing staff

Regarding employment and employees, marketing automation poses another great benefit of not employing a large team to target many people or employing staff to do repetitive tasks, which could also be a problem regarding motivation and employee satisfaction. From this, staff costs can significantly be cut. Not only does it help with costs, but it also helps employees now do more impactful tasks and focus on them to bring about better results rather than spending their time and focusing on minimal impact tasks that do not bring about as much value. This also helps with job enrichment, and employees remain motivated and more enthusiastic. In addition, this results in a higher return on investment on the money spent on employing the staff.

5. Tailor-made marketing strategy

Connecting to the first pointer of enhanced customer experience, it is understood that for customers to receive such personalization, it must first be created before being automated. As your team invests more energy, time, and resources creating as opposed to doing manual entries, marketing automation will permit them to make more customized content through its segmentation capacities and report. With marketing automation, you can target your persona on various channels such as social media, email campaigns, search ads, and more. This is done by converting your web visitors to leads to later segregate them by their behavior, taste and preferences, demographic background, and more.

6. Chasing leads

Marketing automation makes lead nurturing possible to go more into detail about what was briefly explained in the previous pointer. It is the place to create drip email campaigns and track their success. Without lead nurturing, you will have a more challenging time converting leads to sales prospects. Later, it can also up lead scoring for your team, which will inform your sales department when a lead goes from qualified marketing lead to a sales qualified lead. This allows the marketing and sales team to be on the same page with ease and low chances of miscommunications and misinterpretations. It also makes it easier to work in real-time as it is frequently and rapidly updated, leading to no wasted time and helping your sales team move forward with processes immediately. Plus, it can even align other departments like sales and customer service.

7. Data management.

Lastly, marketing automation platforms are an excellent way to keep tabs on your marketing activities. Through marketing automation, you can track any generated leads and monitor how they interact and engage with the site or any platform being used. Monitoring and analyzing this traffic can be crucial to understanding areas that need to be worked on and improved and areas that are doing well and creating interest in the customer’s mind. The team can then focus on finding solutions and improvements rather than spending loads of time in data management. With marketing automation, not only is managing your data more accessible than ever, but it also keeps the data updated to stay relevant. 

To conclude, marketing automation’s benefits are quite evident, and its impact on boosting a business’ marketing operations is colossal. As all companies move to digital marketing, it is crucial to employ marketing automation in your marketing plan to ensure sustained brand growth.


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