Build Chat Application With GetStream

Chat Application With GetStream
Chat Application With GetStream

Today, let’s discuss about Getsream- Scalable & fast API for building social networks, activity feeds, activity streams and chat apps.

Messaging apps have made conversations more interesting than traditional chat services by making us feel more connected to others on a regular basis. For example, chat apps such as WhatsApp or Messenger can deliver a meme or message from a friend that can brighten our day.

Why should you build a chat application?

A primary reason to build a chat application is the user experience.

When you own a firm, you are the only one who knows your brand’s target audience. Integrating pre-built chat apps into your brand can assist your users in simply communicating with one another. In addition, planning, personalizing, building, and controlling a reliable chat app for your clients will make them feel more personal with your brand each day.

Additionally, it gives a complete understanding of your customer’s needs.

A chat app allows you to communicate with people all over the globe by sending and receiving messages in real time. Users of a chat app can receive the same interactive through personalized messaging features as they would in person. These interactions keep users conversing on one platform rather than looking for a messaging solution elsewhere. Adding personalized chat characteristics to your app, whether private, group, or huge chat, can help ensure your consumers have a unique experience.

Why Stream chat?

Time to Market

The Stream Chat platform delivers unmatched performance and UX, allowing you to build in-app chat communications quickly.

Completely customizable

Stream chat provides a satisfying chat experience. Reactions, threads, URL enrichment, typing indicators, read state, and other features give the users the in-app chat experience they expect.

Obstruct Security

One can create the most secure and GDPR-compliant chat messaging infrastructure. The focus and promise are privacy, security, and dependability.


Using the stream chat framework, you can create a SaaS (Software as a service) app. In addition, Stream supports full multi-tenancy, allowing you to separate chat access for your clients.

Simple Integration

Develop your chat application in any way you want, whether through direct API access or our robust feature-rich SDKs and elements.

Chat app development steps In GetStream

  1. Generate a Directory & Install Dependencies

You’ll require an environment to house your chat server (back end) and your chat client, so the primary step in the development procedure is to create a directory and install the necessary dependencies. If you’re building chat with JavaScript and Node, you’ll need to install Node and arrange your project.

2.Build the Front-End Chat Interface & Chat Client,

The front end of your chat app can be as easy or complex as desired. For example, if you’re using a System Development Kit solution with a chat UI kit, you can save time by customizing existing elements or even using them as they come. Alternatively, you can develop your app’s UI from scratch based on your use case.

You’ll need to create

  1. A simple login screen,
  2. A chat screen where users can edit, send, and read notifications, and
  3. A contact lists

Other UI elements, such as a navigation menu, may be helpful if your app is more complex, such as Slack or WhatsApp, but they are sometimes optional if you’re generating an iMessage clone.

The chat screen will require a text input box, a keyboard, and a scrolling display of sent and received messages. If you’re using a chat kit like Stream’s, you’ll have pre-built elements like Message Input, a custom UI component prop for the input box, at your disposal. The login screen will require a form to register new users and a method to authenticate existing customers.

3. Create and Connect the Back End

The chat server is in charge of routing messages from the sender to the receiver for managing other back-end operations that will not be stored locally on the user’s device.

To engage with the Stream Chat API, you can use the following back-end languages:

Golang, Python, Node (JavaScript), Ruby, Dart, PHP, or .Net.

On the back end, you’ll need to build your user list (contacts), start a channel, add new texts, and figure out how to display both old and new messages. Your chat server must monitor for new messages, render existing messages in the channel, and push new notifications from sender to receiver. Such tips are followed when creating a one-to-one chat app with JavaScript and Stream.

4. Prioritize Feature Expansion Based on User Response

You should now have a fully functional MVP chat app, and you might know which other technologies are required. However, the key to success is understanding how your users interact with your app. You can discover and correct design or operational oversights with early access, focus groups, and user surveys/interviews. Then, confidently prioritize your resources to build out the characteristics that count most to your growing group of users.

Final Thoughts

Chat Application With GetStream
Chat Application With GetStream

The steps covered in this blog for several messaging applications by integrating pre-built chat innovation into your custom application. A chat API and SDK solution reduce technical uncertainty and increase the likelihood that your app will release successfully on time and within budget. Furthermore, with GetStream you can continue the possibility of creating the next great, indeed, custom chat app. With a white-label remedy like GetStream, you integrate the chat features that make sense for your use case. On the other hand maintaining complete control over the look, feel, and experience your product provides.                


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